Salux Live CD


SaluX Live CD Desktop

Salux is an opensource operating system, based on a Linux kernel with GNU tools, and developed especially for hospitals. Developed by the team of Salud Libre, Salux is the oficial GNU/Linux distribution of the BioLinux Group, and is built with Linux-Live scripts, like the SLAX distro.

What is the Salud Libre Community?
It is an idea and development of BioLinux Group exclusivelly, to give a frame to all Spanish free and opensource developments in health care environments in Ibero and Latin America and all limited resource countries.

How could Salud Libre help me? It provides web reference and tools for your work, developer meetings, programmer contacts, scientific support, testers, documentation, news on FLOSS developments in the world and much more...

Salux Live CD contains desktop environments like KDE and XFCE4, and lots of free software:

■ Kernel
■ KDE 3.4.0
■ Kwrite
■ Kate
■ AbiWord
■ The Gimp
■ and many more...